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Student Government represents, advocates for, and serves, the Student Body. The three branches of Student Government serve students in different ways. The Judicial Branch is here to make sure that students’ rights are being protected, and to support students who are working through the conduct process. The Legislative Branch advocates for students’ needs by meeting with administrators, writing resolutions to express the concerns of the Student Body, as well as allocating a million dollars to students and student organizations that are working to improve the campus and community. The Executive Branch serves the students in several different ways: by hosting programs to educate and support students, representing the Student Body on University Committees, and implementing change to create a better student experience.

Student Government also allocates the Activity and Service Fee that students pay. This fee helps to pay for the Student Union, the Office of Student Involvement, the Recreation and Wellness Center, as well as other student services.

The Election Commission helps to run and administer the elections cycle for both Senate and Student Body President and Vice President.

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